Ben Hill Photographer

Ben Hill Photographer

Millions of pictures are taken every day. Hundreds of thousands of those are uploaded to social media and sent in text messages and emails. The technology in the cameras built into our phones is getting better with every new phone released. Consumer grade cameras are becoming more and more accessible. But sometimes, when we want to make a really good impression, we need to call on the aid of a professional Ben Hill Photographer.

Atlanta Photographer

A good photographer will know exactly what to do. He will also have the proper equipment for the job. professional lighting will be used to set the mood and play off of your facial features. He will take care in making sure the settings on the camera are correct to the lighting, background, and the tone of your skin. He will make sure your clothes complement the setting. A good photographer will also use different camera lenses depending on the desired effect, setting, and lighting conditions.

In addition to having much higher quality equipment then most of us have access to, a professional photographer will most likely have, or have access to, different background, back drops, settings, and props to make an excellent photo shoot.

After the shoot

With most pictures we take on our cameras and phones, we normally will just upload the “raw” images the camera takes without any editing. If there is any editing, it’s usually only very basic photo processing or manipulation from an app on our phones. A professional photographer will spend many hours working on a single image. He will look at many aspects of the image to see if they need altering. Things like lighting on certain areas of the image, blemishes, imperfections, and camera artifacts. He will go through and fix these issues in painstaking detail. The editing of a photo session can take anywhere from a few days to a few weeks depending on the length of the session.

In the end, we don’t really need a professional photographer for those day to day snapchat pics, but, for those times we want a special set of images, or to make the best possible impression, there is no other option then hiring a pro for the job.